Creating value in your business by squeezing costs is just as important as growing your top line. Since our savvy customers understand the costs associated with powering their business, we provide customized solutions, from heat rate to MCPE products. With experience ranging from oil field services to small warehouses, we understand that each industrial customer is different and requires specialized services. For larger scale users, we offer the ability to purchase complicated products if the user can hedge a portion of their load on their own. In addition, running a 24x7 enterprise of multiple shifts. Our large customers need tailored products to match their time of use demand to their production capabilities. With our energy specialists, we are able to find you the crucial tenths of pennies that can make-or-break your bottom line.

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Timing is crucial with your venue and our experienced trading desk has developed special products and services that align your business with off-peak usage periods in the power markets. Our indexing capabilities allow your business to take advantage of real-time pricing cuts without increasing unnecessary risks. Optimized thermostat scheduling, usage monitoring and cooling strategies help prolong the life of your equipment and improve your cost savings by preparing your venue for the crowd beforehand.

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Property managers have multiple issues to deal with, and managing energy should not be one of them. Since office manager's sites differ not only in size and shape, but in tenant composition, our energy consultants can work closely with you to find a solution that lowers your overall costs. Our competitive rates extend not only through the traditional fixed price product, but to more exotic indexed products. Finally, our unique business model allows you a single point of contact for all your needs and requests. So, you never have to wait on hold to get your issue resolved, or find the best practice to lower your utility bill.

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Take control with Power Express’ management tools and easily manage meters and ensure cost controls for your apartment units and new client homes. Our flexible portal allows for automated on/off services and customized reporting for any size portfolio. Expanding your properties’ service offerings and increase capitalization rates with a revenue stream from Power Express’ marketing agreements is a breeze. We pay you when tenants use Power Express services without putting any additional burden on leasing teams.

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