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We get it, calling an electricity company is almost as enjoyable as, well, nevermind. That’s why we’ve take every possible step to make sure our customer service is not only the best, but to make sure the experience is enjoyable. We constantly monitor satisfaction surveys, talk to our customers about improvements and do act as if we would want to be treated.

After 12 months, we’ve done it! Our customers are completely satisfied with our service. That’s right, customers who have called in, e-mail, texted, faxed, chatted, ESPed or carrier pigeoned have all agreed they are 100% satisfied with our service. No one’s perfect, but we can honestly say our team will fix your problem right, the first time, and to your satisfaction.

So next time you have a few minutes, give us a shout and see how we can help.

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Hurricane Harvey

The unprecedented storm and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey has impacted the Houston area and the South Texas region like never before. If you are impacted by this, you have a lot on your mind. Worrying about paying your electric bill on time should not be one of them. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about how Power Express is helping you with this.

Q: The flooding has caused me to evacuate my home. What happens now?

A: We are very sorry to hear this and are glad that you are safe. Please be assured that we will not be disconnecting power to your home. However, power outages in the area or power issues in your home due to the flooding may cause your home to lose power. Once you are able to safely return home, please call us to work out payment options. You can call us at 832-293-4511, e-mail us at customerservice@power-express.com or chat with us below.

Q: I will not be able to make my payment on time. Will I be disconnected and/or have to pay a late fee?

A: We will not be disconnecting anyone for non-payment and will not be charging late fees till September 29.

Q: Can I request a payment plan if I can’t make my payment on time?

A: We will not be disconnecting anyone and will be waiving late fees till September 18. If you need to make payment arrangements beyond that, please call us at 832-293-4511 and we will be glad to help you with setting up a payment plan.

Due to the continued flooding in the Houston area, while our call-center is open during normal business hours, you may experience longer than usual hold times. If you do not wish to stay on hold, please e-mail us at customerservice@power-express.com or chat with us below.

View multiple accounts

View multiple accounts

Managing multiple electricity accounts is easy with Power Express. Just e-mail customerservice@power-express.com and ask for convergent billing. Once this has been done you can log on and view all your accounts in one place!

Once you’re in the Power Express online account manager click the “My Accounts” tab.

After clicking the “My Accounts” tab, click “Show All Accounts” and voila! You’ll be directed to all your accounts and do whatever you need.

Enrolling in auto pay

Enrolling in auto pay

More of a set it and forget it type of person? By now you’ve probably set your online account manager and Power Express has the easiest platform that allows you to setup automatic bill pay (click here to set up online ac- count manager). Check out the below guide to see how. Have questions? Feel free to chat, e-mail at customerservice@power-express.com or call us at (877) 400-0232. 5 easy steps and your managing your Texas electricity account with Power Express!

Step 1 – Visit www.power-express.com
Step 2 – Click Login. You will be directed to our online account portal.
Step 3 – Click Register Now to create your new account.
Step 4 – Click the 1st payment option to pay your bill online.
Step 5 – Submit your payment information into the form provided and click
the button that says “Pay now & Set as recurring to pay future bills automatically”.



What should I expect when I make the switch?

After completing your enrollment, Power Express will e-mail you a wel- come packet that contains your enrollment confirmation, a link to your completed electricity documents and your customer account information. After that, sit back and brag to your friends about the great savings and awsome customer service!

How do I enroll in auto-pay, or view my online account?

We have a self-service customer portal that allows you to view your usage, past bills, make payments and adjust your auto-pay accounts. To help ensure a smooth experience, we have created a guide here, and if you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact us.

When will my switch start?

When you sign up with us, we ask if your new electricity service is a switch (from another provider) or a move-in to a new residence or busi- ness.

I’m Switching Providers

Most switches occur within 3 business days, but there is up to a 7 day processing period, depending on meter type, from the day you choose to switch.

I’m Moving

Please allow 3 days for your electricity to be turned on for your new home or business. If you’re late in powering your ne home or business, you can hoose a priority move-in, which can occur the same date as your enrollment (contact us for more details).

How do I pay for my Bill?

You’re busy, we realize that. That’s why we’ve made it easy to take care of your electricity bill.

Credit/Debit Card
We accept both credit and debit cards through your online account and over the phone.

Setting up auto-pay is the easiest way to pay. Your invoices will always be sent before your card is charged to ensure accuracy and your satisfaction.

Check/Money Order/ Cashier’s Check
You can always mail us a check for your electricity bill. Please mail pay- ments to:
Power Express
P.O. Box 4395
Houston, TX 77210
Where does my personal information go?
Our data is protected by an industry leading SSL, 256-bit secured connec- tion and database. We’ve made certain the data you’ve shared with us is private, secure and safe.

What happens if my power goes out for some reason?

Call your lines and poles company to report an outage. You can find their number below:

CenterPoint (Houston Area) – 713-207-2222
ONCOR (Dallas Area) – 888-313-4747
Texas New Mexico Power (Brazoria and West Texas) – 888-866-7456 WTU (Abilene and San Angelo) – 866-223-8508
CPL (Corpus Christi and South Texas) – 866-223-8508

What types of electricity plans do you sell?

We strive to provide simple electricity plans for busy Texans who want to a no-frills electricity product and be treated with honest, fast service when they need it. Click here or call us at (877) 400-0232 to find out about residential plans we offer that fit you best. Please call (877) 400-0232 or e-mail custoemrservice@power-express.com to get the best rate for your business.

Check your usage and monitor it for free!

Check your usage and monitor it for free!

We frequently get questions on how you can monitor your usage, and the best way is to use a website called https://www.smartmetertexas.com/- CAP/public/. This is a website that you can register your meter on your home and it can give you an update as resent as every 15 minutes.

When you go to register you will need some specific information to get signed up. The first piece of information is that our company is not Power Express- it is under NOORUDDIN INVESTMENTS LLC DBA POWER EX- PRESS (LSE), so do a quick search under the letter N not P.

Also you will need a number for your meter called the ESI ID number which looks like this: 1008901020005600000100. Lastly, you will need the meter number which is on the glass bulb of you meter outside.

Sounds like a lot of work but it will pay off to manage your usage carefully to get full benefits of our low rates.

Moving into an apartment?

Moving into an apartment?

If you have recently shopped for electricity rates and plans, you probably noticed that many of the products include minimum usage fees. What – minimum usage fees? It doesn’t make sense to ignore Texans’ conservation efforts by incurring penalties for not using enough electricity. Power Express created #Pro12 specifically for low energy users and energy conservationists. The #Pro12 plan includes one simple price...

Keeping Austin Weird

Keeping Austin Weird

We often think it’s kind of ironic that in a state of electricity choice, our great capitol is one of the last publicly owned utilities where consumers don’t have choice. Austin Energy is one of the largest companies of this kind and according to the EIA (Energy Information Agency), in 2013 Austin Energy’s average rate was 11.09 ¢/kWh. Now, let’s take a look at some data.


It’s easy to see that Austin energy is markedly lower than some of the larger retail electricity providers in Texas, but it’s also a lot higher than most competitive retailers that focus on competitive rates and premier service like power express.

Recently, there has been some legislation and commotion in Austin about considering the introduction of choice to some of Austin Power’s rate payers (read more about it here). Over time, we’ve noticed that adopters of choice have reaped huge cost savings benefits of switching their Texas electricity services away from the incumbent retailer. The kicker is what happens to those who never take action and fail to switch away? Well. The graph above tells it all. We’d like to hear what you think. What’s been your experience in switching providers?

What it is a month-to-month contract?

What it is a month-to-month contract?

Month-to-month products (MTM) give the customer the flexibility of cancelling their contract at any time and moving to a new provider. This benefit is often outweighed by the cost, unless you know you are going to change providers in the next month, or two. The variable rates associated with MTM products mean that you can potentially see your bill double in a month. For example, we recently had a customer call and tell us how their rate went up 50% in 3 months, as they went off contract and their provider kept raising their rate. This customer finally decided that their loyalty to their existing provider wasn’t worth it, and they switched.

Take a minute and answer a few questions. If you’ve answered yes to any of these, view our current rates here or call us at (877) 400-0232 to get a fixed energy contract.

Are you on a month-to-month or flex contract?
Has your current fixed electricity contract expired?
Did you recently enroll on a promotional short term plan? Are you currently on an index plan?
Are you in an apartment?

Is my rate really fixed?

Is my rate really fixed?

Switching your Texas electricity provider is easy. Understanding all the charges that go into your average rate can sometimes be like solving the Hodge conjecture, but we’ll take a stab in providing a little more clarity.

We get a lot of questions from customers wondering why their average rate changes from month to month. A few posts ago, we discussed specific delivery fees that are charged when buying your Texas electricity. While your per kWh fee is fixed, the answer is typically in a fixed delivery fee from your TDSP provider (companies like CenterPoint and ONCOR) that deliver electricity.

We’re picture people, so let’s look at the following example. In Houston, there is a fixed fee that every residential customer must pay each month and is about $8.52. If you were to use 1,000 kWh this would contribute $0.00852 towards your average rate.

Delivery Charge $8.52 / 1,000 kWh = $0.00852

Let’s look at what happens if you’re a large electricity user. At 2,000 kWh this would contribute $0.00426 towards your average rate. Changes in average electricity rates are derived by how much you use. So next time your look at your bill, remember that your average rate will change each month depending on usage.

Delivery Charge $8.52 / 2,000 kWh = $0.00426

At Power Express, we understand no one electricity consumer is the same. That’s why we take the time to learn your energy needs and recommend the best electricity product for you. Give us a shout at (877) 400-0232 and find out how much you can save and, more importantly what your average rate will be.

Fraud Alert!

Please be aware that scam artists have developed and continue to develop new methods to deceive customers. These scammers fraudulently call customers claiming to be employees of your retail electricity provider or your local utility company. They claim that your electricity account is delinquent, and if you don’t make a payment immediately, your service will be disconnected. The caller will often disguise their phone number so the caller ID display on your phone will show the name and phone number of your retail electricity provider or local utility company.

As your retail electric provider, Power Express may occasionally call you during normal business hours to discuss your account, and will provide you with information that only you and Power Express will know to certify that the call is legitimate. Furthermore, we also send you written notification when your account is delinquent prior to any electric service disconnection.

Fraud experts say this scam continues to grow and you need to be alert and aware of the warning signs:

- If a caller pressures you for immediate payment or personal information, do not make the payment or divulge any personal information. Hang up the phone and call us at 1-877-400-0232 during normal business hours.

- If a caller asks you to make a payment by prepaid debit card, this is a red flag. Prepaid debit cards are like cash and the transactions cannot be reversed. Power Express will never ask you make a payment using a prepaid debit card.

If you have any questions about your account, please call us directly at 1-877-400-0232 and a Power Express customer service representative will be able to assist you.

10 reasons to switch to Power Express

10 reasons to switch to Power Express

Switching energy providers in Texas is often a rewardless task that most people don’t want to bother with unless there is something wrong. Its just like opening a bank account- why bother with going to the bank during you lunch hour? Well, just because you’re electricity and lights are on, doesn’t mean your current product is OK, and it doesn’t mean you have to spend endless hours signing up- we make it easy! Here are some reasons you should look into switching your Texas electricity provide

1. I’ve been on a month-to-month electricity contract for more than two months. Variable rates are flexible, but they’re often increased by more than 20% per billing cycle. Make sure you choose a fixed rate contract and stay away from variable pricing as much as possible. (More on month-to-month prices here.)

2. I just moved to Houston and had no one else to call for Texas electricity. Making hasty electricity decisions can cost you thousands a year. The last person I met that signed up with one of the legacy suppliers was paying 19 cents/kwh! Do some quick research and make sure your electricity product is right for your home’s usage. Call our experts at (877) 400-0232 and we can help determine your usage.

3. I got something for free when I signed up for a longer term electricity contract. Free incentives are often priced into Houston and Dallas electricity products at a premium. Would businesses really lose money and give something away free? So, stop paying for that thermostat you put in the closet and never used.

4. My apartment complex told me to sign up with them. Sometimes, apartment complexes are rewarded for customers who they refer at higher prices. Remember, they are doing this practice so THEY get the low rate from the provider- not you! Make sure to do your homework when selecting Texas electricity providers.

5. I chose the biggest energy provider in the city. Brand name doesn’t mean more reliable power, as we all use the same wires and poles company. In fact, the larger companies often have loads of debt they issue to finance things like electric vehicle charging stations.

6. I chose the oldest company because they control who gets turned on. Texas energy deregulation has shifted utility responsibilities to TDSP companies like CenterPoint and ONCOR. Read more.

7. I’ve been a loyal customer for 30 years, why would I need to change now? Incumbent companies have often targeted legacy customers and have frequently increased their rates beyond 17 ¢/kWh. Unless it is absolutely necessary, stay away from those month-to-month contracts that many loyal customers find themselves on.

8. I hate being on hold – I just want to talk to someone. The Power Express customer service teams aims to be the best. We don’t peg ourselves on wait time only. We hold ourselves accountable for solving our customers’ problems and any issue they have in a timely manner. See our customer service guarantee.

9. I don’t pay for electricity during the nights or weekends. Most of these products have a ridiculously high rate during the day with night hours often beginning at 10pm. Be careful of fine print here to ensure your behavior changes can result in savings for no cost electricity during nights and weekends. Like the other free stuff that’s given out- would a company really give something away and LOSE money to get a customer? Of course not....

10. I am on an average electricity billing plan and pay the same amount every month. Most average electricity billing products will charge you the same amount every month and keep a balance of what you actually owe. This means, you can potentially be in a financial trap if you ever want to leave.